19/09/2018 - Potato Killer Studios ok Kickstarter with Fangold

The Kickstarter campaign starts today
he funds raised will be used to finish the project and publish the game for computer and console.

Volta Mantovana – MN - (Italy) September 19th, 2018 Potato Killer Studios is proud to announce that after a year and a half of development, the Kickstarter campaign for Fangold, first video game of the Italian indie team, is now live. The campaign goal is to raise the funds to finish the project and release the game both for computer and console.

Developed by Potato Killer Studios, Fangold takes place at the Fangold Tavern in a remote area of Britain, a land where the war rages. The 3D explorable tavern allows for direct access to the card game, which simulates the war between the characters and creatures of the island. Aside from the PvP mode that offers three different modalities to challenge another player, there will also be PvE that recalls aspects typical of MMORPGs creating a commingling with the innovative and rich contents of Adventure Quest, that includes crafting and dynamic events. One of the most innovative features is the PvPvE mode, a Fangold exclusive that allows you to fight against another player along with external events generated by the game or by the players themselves.
Fangold will be cross-platform. The mutliplayer modality will be playable between different platforms and will use the innovative SAI system (Sponge Artificial Intelligence), which can learn the play style and the reactions of the player, thanks to algorithms that simulates it. In case of disconnection it will be possible to keep playing thanks to the support of the SAI, that will take the player’s place simulating the actions based on his/her play style until the end of the match or until the player comes back online. This innovative system will avoid the effects of a “rage-quit” and solve the problems that come with a fortuitous disconnection.

Fangold's goal is to be the first of a new generation of Trading Card Games, with a completely new game play, allowing players to use the cross-platform system and to play multiplayer matches thinking only of their next move without worrying about the issues that may come from the internet connection. In the future, the team plans to develop new modality, such as the 5vs5 Dungeon Draft, new sets of cards and new environments along with the MMO Land of Britain, and comics and novels based on the universe of LoB and Fangold.
Create your deck, place your army and unleash devastating combos against your opponent. The legend awaits you!

Follow this link for the Kickstarter campaign: Fangold - Campaign

About Potato Killer Studios – Italian team born with the will to create video games able to answer to the players' needs: engaging, exciting, with new and valuable contents, with particular interest for fantasy MMOs. Land of Britain, MMORPG first-born and base for the shared lore, and Fangold, multi-platform MMOTCG, are the two projects that Potato Killer Studios is developing.

16/02/2017 - Interview with Potato Killer Studios

The Italian newspaper "Il Fatto Quotidiano" has a space dedicated to videogames with an eye pointed on the software houses of our country. And guess what? It was Potato Killer Studios' turn to be interviewed on their pages. It was a huge pleasure to answer all their questions. Follow the link to the newspaper's web portal.
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01/12/2016 - Potato Killer Studios joins Bizspark plus program

Potato Killer Studios is proud to announce that the software house has been officially selected to be part of Microsoft "BizSpark Plus" exclusive program, which rewards the most promising StartUps in the world.